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regimecoterie's Journal

Dark Ages: Vampire until The Final Nights, Present
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This is a private comm for The Regime's Vampire: The Dark Ages/Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle, set presently in Venice, Italy.

The Back-Drop:

The Long Night has been ushered into an age of firey warfare - The War of Kings. Where once Elders ran endless nightly games in the ever-lasting centuries of the jyhad, Ancillae are now beginning to shake the dust (and the vitae...) from the rafters of the strongest fortresses. As evidence enough, Constantinople has fallen, and was sacked by Christian Crusaders blinded by greed. The last, best hope for another Carthage once again lays in decimation, with scarcely a bloodline not guilty for some sort of negligence. As whispers abound about what to do with the pieces now spreading throughout Europe, those once considered too young to have any true role in the endless Cainite Jyhad have found themselves with titled domain if they're capable of keeping this new influx of Licks in line for the established crones still clearing out the cob-webs from the thunder they've been hearing.

With the fall of it's greatest rival, Venice has found itself to be a vast colonial empire on the verge of centuries of prosperity. It has economic and royal ties throughout the Mediterranian Sea, and hosts ruling familes of both mortal and kindred lords and ladies. There is plenty of power and temptation in a land so rich and colorful, and the kindred are no less immune to it than are their mortal pawns. The city itself models it's daylight status, and while technically -does- have a prince to "mediate disagreements", is ruled by the power and authority of 18 ruling familes, large and small, and their lassais-faire, deadly democracy. They vie for larger and larger chunks of Venice's wealth, and every trade good and monarchial institution is exchanging with the night families of Venice. One would think with so much bounty, there would be enough opportunity for all, but even the immortals often find themselves cornered in the right place at the wrong time...

The Cast of Characters:

amaranth, angry childer, assassins, blades, brothels, burned havens, burning down your haven, christianity, dark magic, dusty tombs, elders and their powerz, fire, fire bombs, fire magic, fire-wood, firey speeches, flame-inducing chemicals, flaming arrows, islam, jews, judaism, mad connects, mummy amulets, necromancy, nosferatu, prostitutes, scythes, snake-a-peeds, spears, stakes, swords, withered limbs